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Karen connects intuitively with an animal to create art. One day while in conversation with a woman, Karen was told she should combine her ability to communicate with animals with her artistic skills. She totally lit up at the idea. Karen started tentatively, not sure if she could do it, but she quickly learned that marvelous things happened when she joined in partnership with animals to make art for their humans. The animals are thrilled at the opportunity to make something for their humans and the humans are moved to tears to see the work of their pet. Karen commented, "People always see something in the painting that lets them know their critter was involved in creating the idea of the painting." Karen continued, " I always know the animal is involved because I go into the studio with an idea and it ALWAYS goes in a different direction, that lets me know the idea is coming from somewhere other than me. Being able to do this work is a blessing. I give thanks every day for this opportunity."

Tally's painting.jpg

11"x14" Encaustic Soul Painting with Tally (dog)

Chilly's painting.jpg

11"x14" Encaustic Soul Painting with Chilly (dog)

Siobhans tag.jpg

Soul Tag (Mixed Media) with Siobhan (cat)


11"x14" Encaustic Soul Painting with Mew (cat)


8"x10" Encaustic Soul Painting completed with the unborn child of a friend


11"x14" Encaustic Soul Painting with Kelso (dog)


24"x24" Encaustic Soul Painting with Maddie (dog)


Mixed Media Soul Tag with Leia (dog in spirit)

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