Karen has always been drawn to animals. When she was three, she met her first horse, and it was love at first sight. From then on, if she wasn’t on a horse or taking care of a horse, she was pretending she was a horse. Karen became a member of the United States Pony Club and spent her youth riding and competing in combined training events, rallies, and horse shows.


When she was in high school, Karen felt a pull towards helping others. She was a mentor and confidant to her peers and was the one they turned to when they needed support. When it was time to go to college, Karen left horses behind. She decided to go into education, and she received an MSEd in Educational Psychology and an ED.S. in School Psychology. Being a lifelong learner, Karen studied positive psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness, and a variety of other healing modalities to learn how to help people to be able to find happiness and wellbeing.


After 23 years in public education and 40 years away from horses, Karen felt the pull to return to her first love, horses. Upon reconnecting with horses, Karen noticed that the dynamic between her and the horses had changed. She was no longer interested in dominating them to get them to do what she wanted but was interested in working in partnership with them. This desire brought her to discover Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL). The beautiful modality of EFL allows people to work in partnership with horses to learn from their sensitivity and wisdom. Karen undertook coursework in coaching and Equine Facilitated Learning so that she could continue to fulfill her life’s purpose of helping people to find the best version of themselves and embrace their divine right of living in a state of wellbeing.