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What is Finding Peace Farm?

While the farm has yet to materialize, the concept is still viable. Finding Peace Farm is just what it sounds like, a farm where rescued horses and donkeys can heal and live a life of respect and dignity. It would also be a place where people could come and learn about equine wisdom. Where equines and humans could come together and find peace and purpose.


Even without a farm to go to, one can still learn from the wisdom of Equus. Horses and donkeys are prey animals, and because of this, they are highly sensitive animals. If a horse stood in the field and worried about what would happen tomorrow, they would end up lunch for that mountain lion on the hunt. Horses live in the present moment. Buddhist teachings state that the suffering that people experience comes from living in the past or worrying about the future. When we embrace the way of the horse, we can learn to leave our suffering behind.

The wisdom of the horse is the first hoofbeat back to your authentic self. When we reconnect with who we really are, we regain our sense of wellbeing. This is what I bring to my coaching clients. This is what Finding Peace Farm is all about.

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