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What is soul level animal communication?


With soul level animal communication (SLAC), your animal is communicating the lessons that they are here to help you work on in this life. As all animal lovers know, animals are better people than most people. They have learned unconditional love, and with that gift, they come into our lives to help us humans to grow and master the lessons we have to learn in this life. 


In a soul level communication session, Karen will intuitively connect with you and your animal to receive information from your animal about how they are helping you to learn the lesson they are teaching you, as well as what it is they are working on with you. Karen will also help you to understand what it is you need to do to move forward in your personal growth.


20-minute Soul Level Communication Session -$20





40-minute Soul Level Communication Session -$40





Soul Painting - One of the things that brings Karen the most joy in life is connecting with an animal to create art for their human. The animals are so grateful for the opportunity to express their love for their owner. Each painting is a surprise for Karen because going into a session she never knows what is going to happen. Karen explains that the animals let her know in the moment what they want to happen. "They push me outside of my comfort zone," Karen exclaims. "They are very clear about what they want to have in the painting.


With the Soul Painting, you receive a 30-minute reading, a beautiful 11"x14" encaustic painting (this may change depending on the desire of your animal), as well as a brief write-up on what it was like to work with your animal. - $450











Soul Tag Painting - The Soul Tag is similar to the Soul Painting, except instead of an 11"x14" encaustic painting you will receive a 5"x10" tag that is made using mixed media. It also includes a 30-minute reading and a brief write-up on what it was like to work with your animal. $75












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