You Have to Wake Up to Make a Dream Come True

I was scrolling through Twitter this morning, and I saw a tweet from Krishna Dharma. The tweet said, "if you want your dreams to come true, you have to wake up." This quote got me thinking about my dreams, my friends' dreams, and my clients' dreams.

Having dreams or goals in your life is vital for providing direction and motivation. Many of us struggle with moving the dream from an idea floating around our head to something real. I have found that we get so wrapped up in the idea of our dream that we forget to take action.

There can be many reasons we don't take action, fear, uncertainty about reaching our goal, or plain old not waking up from the dream. When we become so hypnotized by the vision that we don't take action, we never get closer to realizing our desires.

For a decade or more, I have been unhappy with my living situation. I've had many fantasies over the years of moving to a place of my own. I never took action, so I stayed stuck in an uninspiring living arrangement. I believed all of the reasons I made up for not moving on, and therefore change never happened. Finally, I started to make changes in other areas of my life, and that movement seemed to shake things up in all areas of my life. The wheels have been put into motion by my taking action, and in the not too distant future, I will be making a positive move and make my dream come true. I feel as if I have awakened from a long deep sleep. I am refreshed and ready to step into my dream.

My friends, don't let fear and inertia keep you from your dreams. Start to take small steps towards the vision that you hold, and make it come true. Wake up and seize the day.

In Gratitude,


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