The First Blog of a Journey of a Lifetime

The Beautiful Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles.

I have written in previous blogs about my journey back to my authentic self. I have been noticing that there has been a significant shift in my life. Part of my work has included some Intuitive Life Coaching with the incredible Geri Karabin (, can't recommend her enough, she is fantastic.) She is a Law of Attraction person, as well as an incredible intuitive, so she gave me a lot of feedback on how I was attracting all of the negative into my life, and how to make changes. I started to make changes; limiting exposure to the negative and focusing on the positive.

I felt the difference immediately. I started to feel like I was in love. You know that excited, joyous feeling you get when you first fall in love with someone. I was feeling like that about life. It was wonderful. However, as I have started this trip, I have noticed another incredible change. I'm an introvert, and in the past, I always saw myself as a solitary person, because of that view of myself I kept people away. I always felt as if there was something wrong with me because no one ever spoke to me. I have shifted that view and now picture myself attracting all kinds of beautiful people.

On this trip so far, I have had many random lovely people start to chat me up. From waiters to people on the train, to people sitting at the next table in the airport restaurant. This experience has shown me how important what we think is. Our thoughts invite in the negative, the positive, the drama, the calm, the chaos, the serenity. Be aware of your thoughts. They are powerful, and they create your reality.

Stay tuned for more posts from Bali. Go out and create a beautiful life.

In Gratitude,


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