Jump in Feet First, the Water is Fine!

Perfectionism is a cop-out. Yes, I can hear your collective gasps! ;-) I spent years believing that if I took one more course, read one more book, and got another college degree, I would be ready to launch myself into the world and be all I was meant to be. Then one day, I realized that all that had happened was I had gotten older and more educated. I was no closer to putting myself out there. Then I had an image, or should I say images of myself as a kid, barefoot and racing to the end of the dock to throw myself with wild abandon into the water or on the back of an off the track thoroughbred horse galloping hell-bent for leather on a cross country course. Yes, there was fear, I wasn't stupid, but the fear didn't keep me from engaging in the fun that I wanted to experience. I realized that I wanted that freedom back. The freedom to experience what I wanted, freedom from the idea that I wasn't good enough.

What was the key to that freedom? Learning to be authentic, being who I really am, not trying to live up to expectations, or keeping up with the Joneses. It hasn't been smooth sailing, getting back to that state of being free from fear; there have been days of bliss and days griped in the cold grasp of panic. However, now I know I have the ability to step away from fear and embrace the comfort of authenticity. Remember what makes your heart sing, and know that is so much more important than trying to be something you think others want you to be. Make the choice to jump in feet first. The water is fine!

Be healthy, be happy, be you.


Karen Lindstrom Life Coaching


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