How I Ended Up an Animal Communicator

I have always loved animals, more than some humans. The connection I have with animals is intense. It was so even when I was small. I remember being about six or seven when the family cat caught a squirrel. He didn't kill it outright, and I got it away from him. I got a shoe box and filled it with soft grass and lock myself in the back seat of the family car. I held that box and prayed over it and sang to that squirrel until she left this earthly plane. I wanted that squirrel to know she was loved and that she was safe. Not a lot has changed in the last 50 years. I still feel a deep desire to help animals.

Almost twelve years ago, when my darling dog Maddie was just a pup, we were on a walk, and we came to a corner near my house, and I took a left. Maddie stopped in her tracks. When I felt the tug on the leash, I turned and looked at her. The lead had pulled her collar up, so the hair on the back of her head was standing up, and she had a very determined look on her face. After a quick laugh at her cuteness, I again I tried to go in the same direction, and again she refused to move. I looked at her gazing intensely up at me, and I saw a purposefulness in her eyes. I knew she was trying to tell me something. I looked at her for a moment and then asked her, "which way do you want to go?" As soon as I said that, she looked at all of the directions we could go, seemed to think for a moment, and then pointed her nose in a different direction than the way I had intended to go. I was floored by what had just happened, so I decided to do an experiment and see if it would happen again. A bit further on in our walk we came to another intersection. I stopped and looked at Maddie and asked her which way she would like to go. Again, she looked at all of her choices, made a decision and pointed her nose in the direction that she wanted to go. Over the years, we have developed a unique type of communication.

Maddie is responsible for leading me to the field of animal communication. She taught me that animals have a lot to teach us. She showed me a fascinating world that I thought only existed in movies. I have rediscovered a part of my childhood self. The part of me that intuitively understood animals better than it understood people. I have been able to meld that childhood skill to my adult skills of helping people. With the help of animals, I can help people to grow by helping them to discover the lessons that their animals are trying to teach them so they can become the brilliant version of themselves that their animals already know they are.

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My Darling Maddie

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