Energetic Love Bombs

Time sure does fly when you're having fun! I can't believe that it has been three and a half weeks since my last post. A lot has happened since then. I have been given a horse. He is an off-the-track thoroughbred who has an old racing injury. The vet told his owner to put him to sleep. But he has way too much spirit in him. He's young; he turned 8 in May. He is intelligent and full of curiosity, as well as being playful and loving. There is too much life left in this horse.

Seeking Blame, AKA Seek, was in the lower paddock. This paddock is affectionately referred to as the Isle of Misfit Toys. His paddock mates are a 23-year old Belgian Draft horse, two donkeys, a mother, and her son. Mom was rescued off the slaughter truck when she was pregnant. When I walked up to the paddock, Seek raised his head, looked at me, and sent me an energetic love bomb. I've had a horse do this to me before, so I knew what it was, and it is a genuinely amazing experience. Let me try and explain what an energetic love bomb is. As I am sure you know, we are all made of energy. Emotions are energy. Energy is transferred between people, as well as animals all the time.

An example may be, you run into a friend who is happy and upbeat. The two of you talk for a while. After you each go your separate ways, you realize that you feel happy. Your friend's happy energy got transferred over to you. That is an example of unintentional energy transference. Horses and maybe other animals, but I have only experienced it with horses, can send energy intentionally. When a horse sends an energetic love bomb, you are suddenly engulfed with an intense wave of love.

When Seek sent me that love bomb, I was completely overwhelmed with love. I felt as if I had been wrapped up in a big, warm, soft blanket, and I was being held by someone who loved me unconditionally. The feeling only lasted a minute or two, but there was an afterglow that lasted for days. I felt as if I had fallen in love for the first time.

However, this feeling of an open, loving heart has reminded me of the duality of emotions. With love comes pain. As I mentioned, Seek is a rescue. I don't know how long I may have with him. I have seen him on his good days, but yesterday I got a glimpse into what a not-so-good day might be like for him. I have to embrace my role as caretaker and help him through his painful days, as that is part of loving this horse. It hurts my heart to see him uncomfortable.

As an intuitive animal communicator, I can check in with him. He has reassured me he is okay. I have a journey ahead of me to find how I can help this beautiful being live his life as comfortably as possible. I have spent my life finding alternative answers to heal my body, and now I get to do that for my horse. The beautiful wisdom of horses is helping me see my issues, name them, sort them out, and grow as a person.

In Gratitude,


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