Celebrating Moms

It is that time of year when we turn our minds to recognizing and being grateful for our moms. My mom has been gone for eight years now, but I think of her every day. As this Mother’s Day approached, I started to think about her more than usual. I got thinking about how deeply she influenced my life. I’m one of the lucky people who had a loving, respectful relationship with her mother; I know many people did not. I loved mom deeply, and some might say that I was over bonded to her, but our relationship was built on a foundation of love, trust, and support.

As close as we were, I now can see that I didn’t know my mother deeply. I knew what kind of person she was; I knew her talents. I knew she loved me. I didn’t know her dreams. I didn’t know her life. I didn’t know her joys and sorrows. I guess this is due to mom being a very private person, and I was young, and when I came back home with the wisdom to ask these questions, she had sunk into the abyss called Alzheimer’s. It broke my heart that I would never be able to discover who she was because who she had been was gone.

To those of you who still have moms, I give you this task: as you celebrate your mother, discover who she is. Have deep conversations about her dreams, her passions, find out what she loved to do as a child, add little details to the story you have written about your mother. Embrace the time you have, and above all, be grateful for all your mom has given you.

In Gratitude,


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