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Positively Psyched!

Resiliency is My Superpower. It can be yours too.

You know how you feel when you are watching your favorite superhero movie? You are feeling all pumped and bulletproof like you can do anything.

For me, it is the Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot. I was on the edge of my seat, throwing punches in the air! Thankfully no one was sitting in front of me!  I strutted out of the movie theater, ready to kick ass and take prisoners! 

You know that moment in every superhero movie where the hero seems as if they are defeated and can't go on, but they dig deep and find that they can keep fighting. That's resiliency.

Resiliency is not just for superheroes. It's for everyday people like you and me. You don't have to be Wonder Woman or any other superhero to be able to come back from a significant defeat, a minor setback, or even a bad day.

Positively Psyched! teaches you the 4-Pillars and The Process to help you cultivate resilience so that you have the reserves to deal with whatever life has to offer. You may get knocked down, but just like Wonder Woman, you can come back stronger than before.

The 4-Pillars of Resiliency

Cultivating a positive mindset, fostering well-being, finding purpose, and building connections are the 4-Pillars of Resiliency. When you assess where you are in each area and integrate them more fully into your everyday life, you begin to live differently. As a result, your life is richer; you are filled with positive energy and live your life with purpose, and isn't that what you have always wanted?

The Process

In Positively Psyched, there is a process to help you engage in the program wholeheartedly. With the provided structure, you are guided to engage with the program to allow you to start integrating what you are learning into your everyday life. Using what you are learning is how the change begins to happen.

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