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Looking Back to Look Forward

After you do the exercise, here are some power questions that you can ask yourself. Reflecting on these questions and their answers will help you dive deeper and have a more robust experience. When we let experiences slide over us, they don't invite change. It is when we go deep and put thought into the experience that change occurs.

As a culture, we have become so used to fast and easy, think next day delivery, fast food, delivery in 30 minutes or less, that we have become accustomed to having fast results. However, when we work on personal change, we want slow, think slow-roasted ribs or 12-year old Scotch. Take the time to do the work. 

Here are the questions:

~ What feelings came up for you when you were getting ready to do this exercise? Were they positive or negative? Where else do these feelings come up in your life?

~ What feelings come up for you when you look at your finished product? Were they negative or positive? If they were negative, where else do they come up in your life? What could you do to change them from negative to positive?

~ What themes came up? Looking at those themes, how do they fit in your life? Or are they absent from your life? What changes can you make to invite more of what you love into your life?

~ Who am I becoming, and am I happy about it? If not, what can I do to change it?

~ What does it mean to be complete? What's the next action I should take on my journey to becoming more complete?

~ Why am I taking this action?

In Gratitude,


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