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Remembering the Art of Connection

In this fabulous experiential 1-hour FREE webinar, you will learn three powerful strategies to help you to increase, deepen, and develop your relationships. You will learn these techniques in a fun and safe environment. The wisdom of working with horses has been woven into this program and utilizing videos; we will practice these new skills so you can experience their power.

Social Distancing Has Done a Number on Us

After two years of social distancing and isolation, many people are struggling to connect with others. To keep ourselves safe, we pulled away from social gatherings, and now as we start to dip our toes into social interaction, we feel hesitant and uncertain. Perhaps you feel like you don't know how to connect in an authentic, meaningful way. Join the herd and me to learn strategies that will allow you to immediately feel a deeper connection with the people you interact with.

Horses Are Masters Of Connection

Connection is what kept horses alive in the wild. Horses rely on the connection that they have with their herd to keep them safe. Since the beginning of the human race, we have also relied on connection with our community to keep us safe. With the advancement of technology, as well as the need for social distancing during the pandemic, we have forgotten the art of connection. Join this FREE 1-hour webinar to relearn the art of connection and deepen your sense of love and belonging.

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