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As a species, humans are wired for connection. At the beginning of our evolutionary history, humans relied on each other for survival. There was safety in numbers. Our wiring hasn't changed, but your way of living has; we now can live our lives without contact with other humans, as the pandemic has shown. We can rely on technology to get our survival needs met, but that doesn't meet our need for connection with others.


Remembering How to Connect

We have an innate desire to connect, even the introverts like me! However, with the onslaught of technology, we have forgotten how to connect with others organically. The simple acts of eye contact, being present and listening, and focusing on who we are with, have become foreign and forgotten. In this pillar, we focus on relearning and habituating these simple skills.

Our Busy Lives

Rushing from commitment to commitment plays an active role in feeling disconnected from our loved ones. While rushing around, we neglect to take a moment to connect with the people around us. All wrapped up in our heads; we fail to relate to others.

In our work together, I will help you integrate simple strategies into your life so that you will quickly and easily feel more connected with the people in your life.

Working at home
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